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TILT ... OF CARDS:  Product Design

LONDON, UK         

The building blocks of education 


Inspired by Charles Eames’ House of Cards, the House of … is contemporary update encouraging users to unleash their creativity and build something. Moreover, the tilting nature of the cards and cut out rectangles reference the name of the exhibition they benefit.


Laser cut plastic cards fit snugly together to create sculptural pieces. The combination of mirrored acrylic with the translucent blue, white and grey creates interesting reflections of the surrounding people and space. Meanwhile, the tilted slits allow for engaging play between light and shadow. This limited series was produced as part of the successful fundraising campaign for Goldsmith’s University MA Design Show Tilt: Altering perspective in contemporary design. The flat pack nature of the cards allowed them to be easily shipped worldwide to supporters while manufacturing was low cost due to the technology available on campus.


A TRINITY: Graphic Design 

LONDON, UK         

 If you are what you eat, you drink what you inspire to be 


These posters were produced in an graphic examination of the interrelated aspects of the three topics addressed. Building bridges between the subjects studied resulted in a richer investigation than a singular focus. Narratives, such as Indiana Jones, Alice Wonderland and the New Testament all include examples of drinking as a transformative experience.  While alcohol, the most prominently featured transformative liquid, received ample attention, the effects of coffee, tea and other caffeine stimulants along with new trends such as kale juice provided additional examples.


BINARY: Confessional Wallpaper: Product Design

LONDON, UK      

Covering an environment in a coded confessional  


Visible secrets covering a wall, but written in a language so simplified it cannot be easily understood serves as the catalyst for Binary Wallpaper. Due to "big data' our lives are on display as never before. Yet with the massive amounts of information available, deciphering its meaning can be difficult. 


Binary wallpaper is composed of messages input by a user that are then translated into binary code -- a series of 0s and 1s. The resulting pattern is then laser cut from a textured white wallpaper. This wallpaper can either be layered over paint or an existing wallpaper to create a filter which obscures some of the pattern's detail. The resulting effect of layering modernizes what existed before; it digitizing the traditional. Moreover, it allows the user to display messages, whether intimate details or fleeting thoughts, without fully communicating their meaning.

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POP VEND: Interior Concept

LONDON, UK        

Experimental Retail Space for Pop-ups


Pop-up shops have become an established outlet for new retailers to introduce their goods into brick & mortar environments. POP-VEND is a concept that further reduced the initial output required for retailers by creating a store that can be open 24 hours a day with minimal staffing requirements. Goods are displayed in a large street-facing window and a feature wall houses merchandise as well as a bespoke vending machine. Furthermore, a small niche on the ground floor can be used for the placement of accessible merchandise or interactive multi-media. Illuminated plinths on the lower ground floor and glass flooring cut-outs create further exhibition space while traditional storage of goods is located against the lower ground floor walls and out of view.   


VITRA SHOWROOM: Exhibition Design Concept

LONDON, UK            

A voyeuristic exploration that communicates adaptability


This concept for an exhibition stand for Vitra invites users to participate in a much more active form of engagement than typical at tradeshows. Inspiration was drawn not only from a desire to use the series of miniature furniture produced by Vitra but also Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Rear Window”.


Upon entering the space a large feature wall exhibits different rooms created by designers that currently partner with the furniture company or in the style of those that once did. Participants can engage in the scenes by visiting one of the AV stands that streams narratives. A voyeuristic sense pervades the interaction while communicating the versatility of Vitra’s collection.  To further demonstrate the timelessness of Vitra’s collection a green-screen photo booth inserts guests into interiors spanning the decades since Vitra’s foundation.


Interior Concept Boards

New York, UK & LONDON, UK        

Visulizing the end


Concept boards derive from an interpretation of the client’s brief — distilling words into visuals. Though briefs naturally vary depending on the project, the need for a core concepts and emotional resonance remains. Thus, a board is created that depicts the intended atmosphere of the space.


The visuals below showcase a variety of concepts presented to clients to help define and then edit the ethos of a future space and/or brand. Key tenets are researched and illustrated to inform how modern trends and relevant historical information will affect the experience one has with the completed project. While the collage usually incudes items typical to interior design such as furniture, fixtures, materials and graphics; inspiration includes a variety of unlikely sources. Concept boards enable the creation of a well resolved and researched foundation that is carried though to all aspects of the project -- whether interior, graphic, web or product design -- uniting various elements.


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