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“Design is everything we make, but it’s also between those things. It’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda and philosophy.”  Erik Adigard


Design offers endless possibilities  to change the mood of a space, to invite play, contemplation or foster sociability — all different ways to affect people’s experiences and behavior. For more than a decade, Piper Skillman has worked on projects across the globe including locations in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Southern California, London, India, and Louisiana. She has worked as an in-house designer, freelance designer and at design consultancies. Her wealth of experience in design mediums facilitates holistic projects that use graphic, interior and product design to reinforce a brand identity.


Though every project is different, she consistently strives to tell stories through space and in print; making sure the ethos of the brand is reflected in the design. Regardless of the specific design field, fostering interaction becomes the focus — encouraging connections, new perspectives and a sense of experimentation. Design should enrich and inform, it is more than decoration, it is an invitation for others to explore.


The ability to work in a magnitude of design mediums and in both virtual and physical space, enables Piper Skillman to offer comprehensive design service. In practice, this translates into working closely with small business owners who are passionate about developing their hospitality or retail concepts. By recognizing the importance of creating engaging, holistic experiences, clients connect more fully with their consumers and foster a sense of loyalty to their store, bar, restaurants, cafe or boutique.


Various projects of Piper Skillman’s have been featured in the publications and programs listed. In additional to traditional press outlets, Piper believes that designers must consider the significant impact social networking can have on clients. Therefore, she endeavors to create unique features that consumers can share digitally via their own photography and uploads. Design that creates stories fosters the dissemination of the experience to others and helps retail and hospitatly businesses grow.


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